Choosing a counsellor you feel comfortable with and who understands you is so very important. Only when you feel safe enough to be honest and trust them with your story will the therapy be effective.

I have supported people through therapy since 2012 and have seen many different people with many different issues. 

Also, I want to say I do understand how it is to try and cope with debilitating issues; my friends, family and I have struggled at times over the years. These issues have included serious mental health difficulties, bereavement, childhood abuse, domestic violence, addiction issues and post-natal illness.

Having experienced therapy myself; I know how nervous you can feel about the whole process.  Although I was anxious, I am so glad I took that first step and benefited greatly from having therapy. Seeking professional help is not a sign of weakness but of strength. It shows a willingness to face challenges and grow as a person.

Lucinda Robinson FDSA BACP, Counsellor

Insights gained from these experiences inform my practice as much as my degree studies. They have deepened my compassion and understanding for the often complex suffering and struggles of others, as well as enhancing my belief that recovery is possible.

I live near Bristol with my family and two cats, enjoy being creative with crochet and knitting (my favoutite mindful practice!) and try to do yoga regularly.

 “Lucinda helped me realise that it was not all my fault and to find ways to move forward.”